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Job Development

Are you looking for a partner in a research project to realize your ideas? Teleconnect will be your research partner. In recent years, together with other companies, we have participated in several research projects at regional as well as federal level. In the years 2007 and 2008 Teleconnect has been a project partner of an EU funded research project too. Please find below a selection of research projects we have been involved in.

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… if you would like more information about these projects, if you need a partner for the practical application of project results or if you would like to make use of our experience for your new projects and products in this field.


 The POF-ALL project (“Paving the Optical Future with Affordable Lightning-fast Links”) was aimed at developing a transmission technology that should make it possible to symmetrically transmit data rates of 100+ Mbit/s over distances that allow an interconnection to users situated in buildings. The use of plastic optical fiber (POF) allows a considerable reduction of costs compared to existing alternative solutions. On the basis of our own idea for a solution Teleconnect has been working on the development of a hardware solution for transmitter an receiver boards. For further information please visit www.ist-pof-all.org. his was an EU fundet project.  FP6-IST STREP “POF-ALL”, contract no 027549. 

System on Chip

 Within the scope of an application for the IP2 project, we have dealt with new EDA methodes (Electronic Design Automation) and products for future generations of mobile communications systems. Included was the investigation into new CAE methodes, like adjusted principles of intellectual property (IP x) and architecture-precise prototyping, as well as the application of these methods within new configurable system on chips (SoCs). These systems will be put into operation for future IP based mobile networks (“The internet becomes mobile”). 

Design-Flow-Manager for IP-based SoCs

Together with the university institute “Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Verkehrsinformationssysteme, Professur Informationstechnik für Verkehrssysteme” Teleconnect developed a system to reuse IP (FPGA Intelligent Properties) for Silicon-on-Chip (SoC)- designs and a prototype had been realized. The system was realised by creating suitable concepts for the reuse of IP cores (Design by Reuse) and for the reuse of drafts (Design for Reuse) on the basis of an SQL database and design flow tools integrated into a web surface. Within the framework of funding for new technologies this project was supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2000-2006 and by the Federal State of Saxony.

SDL Toolsuite

Teleconnect and Zesium mobile created a tool suite to generate C code from an SDL chart input.. This project had been sponsored within the program “INNOvationskompetenz mittelstaendischer Unternehmen” by the Bundesministerium fuer Wirtschaft und Arbeit (BMWA).The tool suite includes a code generator that transforms SDL sources into optimized C source codes. This generator supports a subset of SDL – namely the exact part which is needed for the transformation of telecommunication charts. This is how the size of the code could be kept at a minimum, which allows for it to be used also for mobile communication appliances. A possible application would be the transformation of UMTS stacks from SDL to C.The SDL tester is another part of the SDL suite. With that tester it is possible to confirm the created code directly. It uses the SDL input and a test description which has to be defined in MSC charts. This tester (created by Teleconnect) consists of a support tool for the MSC input and a test control unit which interacts with the target. The MSC input is supported by a list of process and message names which are retrieved from the SDL code generator output. This list can be used to enter the names in MSC by copy/paste.The tester transforms an MSC source into an interpreter code with which the application is controlled directly. Messages can be branched off, brought in and displayed as a copy, stops can be defined and fully automatic complete tests are possible.