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Hardware development

We offer hardware solutions from the product idea to its readiness for production.


Approach and specification:

  • Draft proposals for specification based on current international standards
  • Feasibility studies in consideration of latest component technologies
  • Cost estimation

Circuit design, simulation and layout using these tools:

Electronics // Workbench // MathCAD // MATLAB // MENTOR Graphics // Cadence // Orcad // FilterCAD // QSICOS // DuSLICOS

Provision of material:

  • Cooperation with the distributor of your choice
  • Direct contact with well-known semiconductor manufacturers

Prototype manufacturing and putting into operation:

  • Prototype design, test circuits
  • Manual assembly of PCAs in small quantities
  • Very good relationships with renowned EMS providers (Electronic Manufacturing Service)

Climatic and EMC check:

  • Analysis of application environment and determination of appropriate EMC norms, preparation of a test plan
  • EMC checks during the design phase in our own electromagnetic shielding cabin
    – Burst up to 4 kV
    – ESD up to 8 kV contact/15 kV air
    – Surge up to 6 kV 1,2/50 us or 10/700 us
    – Wired immission 0,15 … 80 MHz … 20 V
    – Mains power contact up to 16 A
    – Wired emission 0,15 … 30 MHz
    – HF emission near field 30 MHz … 26 GHz
    – HF immission near field 10 MHz … 7 GHz
  • EMC check at certified EMC labs
    (e. g. SLG Pruef- und Zertifizierungs GmbH Hartmannsdorf, EMCC Dr. Rasek)
  • Analysis of EMC test results, compilation of test reports, search for solutions and preparation of suggestions for the modification in case of noncompliance with stipulated parametres
  • Climatic checks of test items with size up to 550 x 500 x 640 mm at a temperature range between -40 °C and +180 °C and 10 % … 98 % relative humidity (bigger DUT at +10 °C to ±70 °C on request)

Circuit descriptions, installation instructions, service manuals, test procedures, test records, optional in German/English/Russian language using MS Office, FrameMaker, PDF-Writer

By clicking on the following links you will find a selection of – Communication circuits, Micro controllers and digital signal processors, measurement and test equipment, Telecom and datacom interfaces, where we gained a solid experience
    • Alcatel/Mietec: MTC20172 (S0), MTC2071(Uk0)
    • AMCC: S3015, S3016, S3026 (SDH), S3049 (Lasertreiber), S3056/S3076
    • Brooktree/Rockwell/Conexant/Mindspeed: Bt8330 (E3), Bt8222 (SDH/ATM), Bt8954, Bt8970 (MDSL); ZipWire Plus
    • CP Clare: LITELINK III
    • CYPRESS: HOTLINK (Fibre Channel), CS8900A (Ethernet)
    • DALLAS/Maxim: DS2153, DS21354/554 (E1)
    • Ericsson: PBL 38621 (SLIC)
    • Infineon/Lantiq: ACFA, IPAT, FALC, Dual-FALC (E1), QFALC (E1)
      SICOFI-2, SICOFI-4, SICOFI-4-µC (Codecs)
      MUSAC, SWITI (Koppelfeld)
    • Intel/Cortina: IXP42x, IXP465, LXT971, LXT972
    • Level One: SK70720, SK70721 (MDSL), LXT6155 (SDH)
    • Lucent: TTSI2K32T (TSI)
    • MUSIC: MU9C2480 (CAM)
    • REALTEK: RTL8019 (Ethernet)
    • Synergy: SY69952 (Clock Recovery)
    • Transwitch: MRT, E2/E3F (PDH), CUBIT, CDB (ATM), EtherMap3
    • Vitesse: VSC8476, VSC7323, VSC9128
    • Mitel/Zarlink: MT9041/9042/9045, ZL30136 (PLL)
    • Atmel: ATMega 128, ATMega 256
    • Communication Controller HSCX, ESCC2, ESCC8, RAC
    • DSPs from Analog Devices (z. B. Blackfin)
    • DSPs from Texas Instruments (diverse)
    • Hypersone E1-32
    • Infineon C16x
    • Intel 8051-derivates (8031, 80552, 80528, 80C320, P89C664, x86, i960, IXP42x, IXP465 …)
    • Ethernet-Switches: Marvell, Lantiq, Vitesse
    • Motorola (now Freescale) 68000-Derivates (68020, 68030, 68302, 68332, 68360) PowerPC/PowerQUICC (MPC860, 8323), Netzwerkprozessoren
    • NEC (HPC)
    • PICs from Microchip (MPlab), RABBIT 2000
    • Silabs: Ethernet-Controller CP2200
    • Zilog (Z80)
    • Ethernet PHYs: Broadcom, Marvell, Lantiq, Teridian, National Semiconductor
    • PDH-, SDH-, SONET-Analyzer, all data rates up to 10 Gbps
    • Jitter measurement equipment for Jitter- and Wander-Analysis
    • Protocol Analyzer
    • Ethernet Analyzer up to GBE-(COMPASS Networks CN-100 200; Smartbits 200)
    • Oscilloscopes up to 63 GHz bandwith
    • Spectrum Analyzer up to 26 GHz
    • Network-, Spectrum Analyzer up to 500 MHz
    • Optical power meters and optical attenuators for singlemode and multimode
    • Singlemode testfiber (200 km)
    • Line simulators PKN-1, DLS 200HE, DLA 200
    • Ringing generator RG 1000, feeding bridge SBA 1000, Advice of Charge generator GIG 1216
    • ISDN: aurora Sonata, aurora Duett, So – Chesilvale, IOM-adapter
    • EMC measurement equipment (burst generator, ESD generator, EMC receiver), electromagnetic shielding cabin
    • Climate chambers
    • LS 10.03 Line Simulator
    • RG 20.xDSL Noise Generator
    • OMIX-Tester
    • MINIAMT MA02/dial switching emulator
    • TK-Anlage MULTI-LINE-STAR 3/8
    • a/b-interfaces for country specific versions
    • 64k, T1, E1, IMA, E2, E3, DS3, E4, STS-1 (STM-0)
    • STM-1 … STM-64, OC3 … OC192
    • X-, V- and I-interfaces (X.21, X25, X.51, V.24, V35, V36, I.430)
    • FXO -VoIP, TR-069
    • RS232, RS485, USB, PCI
    • Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GbE
    • FDDI, Fibre Channel
    • Uk0, Up0, Upn, S0, S2M, U-R2
    • IOM1, IOM2, UTOPIA Level 1, UTOPIA Level 2, PCM-Highway, OMIX
    • H.110, CellBus
    • XAUI, XFI, MSA300, OIF SPI4.2