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Teleconnect develops dedicated application software for PCs as well as control software and tools for the development, test and operation of electrical and optical modules.

This comprises special tools for communication, complex flow control for functional verification of units and universal applicable PC-interfaces.

  • Configuration tool for private branch exchanges
  • SISA-local craft terminal (operation- and testinterface for SISA)
  • Database connection to network management systems
  • Control and management software (Windows applications) e. g. for optical wavelength converter, transmitter/receiver units of optical free space systems
  • Windows application for collecting measurement data and parameterizing of transportable test equipment
  • Debug tools:
    • WT100s: universal terminal programm for the control of equipment with ASCII or binary coded interfaces (management)
    • SISA terminal for the communication with SISA equipment via F-Port or SISA-I interface
    • Script controlled SISA tester for automatic functional test of units (OS/2)
    • UDP terminal: communication link to equipment providing ASCII- oder binary coded management interfaces via Ethernet/UDP
  • Control software for complex climate checks:
    • control of climate chamber
    • control of measurement equipment via RS232 and GPIB
    • Script interpreter with variable handling, conditional test execution and test protocoll
  • Conversion tools:
    • Gerber to HPGL converter for MENTOR layout data
    • Converter for adaptation of layout data
    • Tools for the comparison of the content of part lists of different data format
  • Database tools for production control and lot tracing:
    • Access
    • Paradox
    • SQL
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    • ABSDB