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Quality & Sustainability

Sustainable Design

The World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland report) defined sustainable development in 1987 as follows: “Sustainable development meets the needs of the presence without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development by:

  • Developing the latest equipment technologies, optimized for low energy and material consumption,
  • Aligning our design processes to meet environmental needs, thus preserving the natural resources,
  • Designing products in a way that enables our customers to save unnecessary efforts during installation and operation.

Quality Assurance


Since July 1st, 1997 Teleconnect GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the “Development of Modules and Systems in the Field of Telecommunication and Data Transmission, Production of Prototypes”.

Project Planning and Project Tracking

  • We use MS Project to create project plans.
  • In addition to the quality management manual, documented procedures monitor the project tracking and documentation of the design stages.
  • Securing the design results and data through extensive procedures for centralized data storage and back-up is guaranted on a high technical standard.

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