G.hn M2 Modul

The slim Module as Extension Card.

Software Services and Features

  • IEEE 802.1d transparent bridge
  • G.hn: ITU-T G.9960/ 9961/ 9962/ 9964
  • Ethernet: IEEE 802.3/ 802.1p/ 802.1q
  • IGMP v2, v3 Snooping
  • Support 802.1p pbit and DSCP mapping
  • VLAN Tag Add/Removal/Translation
  • Management via Webinterface or custom config tool
  • Features depending on M.2 connector type (B+M):
    • Core functionality at the PCIe lane 0 (available for key Band key M) for data and in-band management
    • Additional function out-of-band management over USB (only for key B)

G.hn/G.now Transparent Bridge

  • G.hn/G.now phone line uplink port with a maximum rate of 1.7 Gbps
  • Best suited for industrial networking, more reliable and faster than
    conventional wireless networking
  • Signal quality indication
  • Status and statistics of Ethernet Interface
  • Fully transparent bridge for G.hn/G.now, to enable routing on host
  • Made for universal enterprise CPE / IAD /Gateway / Router / PC / White Box CPE

Engineering Services/ Project Support

  • Hard- and software customization
  • Attractive pricing for software services
  • System integration and adaptation
  • Performance and compliance testing


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