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Hardware and Software for PDH-Systems
  • Design and development of a wide area transmission system for the transmission of 34 Mbit/s digital signals over different transmission media
  • Integrated line and multiplex device for optical transmission of 16 x 2 Mbit/s digital signals
  • Development of plesiochronous line and multiplex equipment for optical transmission of 2, 8, 34 and 140 Mbit/s digital signals
  • Realization of an MPEG2 transmission system for 8 and 34 and 45 Mbit/s, respectively
Hardware and Software for SDH-Systems
  • Design and development of several STM-1 assemblies (electrical and optical), e.g. for DSLAMs
  • Measurement technology for the acquisition of quality parameters of electrical and optical STM-1 interfaces
  • Assemblies for customer specific processing of overhead information of a SDH system
  • Realization of an optical STM-4 interface
  • MPEG2 transmission system for STS1 (SONET)
  • Realization of extensive system tests on SDH equipment
  • Assembly for EoS transmission
    Product support up to STM-64
Components for ATM systems

The early accumulation of knowledge with regard to emerging development directions has been one of our most important goals from the very beginning. In order to be a competent partner for our clients in the field of ATM technology as well, we have been dealing with this topic since 1993.

Initial activities were:

  • Development of project proposals for RACE projects together with two partners already in 1993
  • Visiting scientist stay of a collaborator in Switzerland in 1994, RACE Fellowship at ASPA in Basel

Based on the acquired knowledge, we subsequently developed:

  • everal assemblies for an ATM-based WLL system
  • concepts for E3 and STM-1 ATM uplink cards for DSLAMs
  • Assemblies for a high bit rate ATM measurement device
  • An ATM backplane measurement device based on a PC
Solutions for the local loop
As in other areas of activity, our experience with products for the local loop in particular goes back to the time before our company was founded. The former branch office of the Institute of Communications Engineering was already responsible for the specification, realization, trial operation and support of an FTTH network for analog telephony and television distribution in Dresden in the 1980s. This network was in operation until about 1995 and continued to be maintained by Teleconnect employees during this time.

Further projects/products since 1990 were:

  • Specification of assemblies for the OPAL network of Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Specification/production restart/commissioning and test as well as supervision of the network suitability test of assemblies for OPAL
  • Switching matrix assemblies, license plate converters
  • ISDN modules (AEI adapter, ISDN ZWR)
  • xDSL - e.g. voice pair gain systems: PCM2A (with 4B3T or 2B1Q line coding), PCM4A, PCM11A
  • Concept IAD
  • ISDN network terminating equipment (NTBA, intelligent NTs)
  • ISDN telephone
  • CLIP box
  • Modems: SHDSL, ADSL, ADSL2/2+, VDSL(1), VDSL(2)
  • Measuring devices: ADSL, VDSL(2)
Software for operation and monitoring (Telecommunication Management Network)
  • Development of a graphical user interface for the service PC of a wide area communication system (OS/2) as well as various graphical user interfaces for module commissioning
  • Specification, coding and implementation of switching and interface functions for SISA
  • Implementation and use of the management interfaces QD2 and Q3
  • Programming and database creation for a graphical operator terminal with maintenance and management functions for PDH and SDH network elements
  • Creation of private MIBs and realization of proxy agents for SNMP management
Optoelectronic components and systems
Development and experience in optoelectronic assemblies and systems as well as experience in plastic optical fiber technology.
Various projects with microcontrollers/digital signal processors (embedded solutions)
  • Development of software for controlling the emergency power supply of transmitting/receiving equipment in mobile radio networks
  • Design and implementation of a measurement module for full- and half-channel measurements
  • Hardware design of the Innominate mGuard, which was awarded the Wolfsburg AG Competence Prize in September 2003
  • Development of a party-line modem family
  • Software development for fault location in cables (DSP)
  • Emergency call pillar with solar power supply for railroad companies
  • Embedded web server (among others also with own IP stack)
  • Ethernet/ISDN converter for TCP/IP-based management connections (own IP stack)
  • ATMega-based COM server and interface converter
  • Ethernet and IP on controllers with 8, 16 and 32 bit
Assemblies with the most diverse data interfaces
  • Development of assembly parts to support X, V and I interfaces (X.21, X.25, X.51, V.24, V.35, V.36, I.430) for use in telecom systems
  • RS232 traffic logger
  • RS232 interfaces for management connection in various developments, including party-line modem, QD2-F port (SISA)
  • RS232 modem support for remote maintenance
  • RS485 interfaces for various applications, e.g. backplane communication, party-line modem, management connection, QD2 (SISA)
  • USB development board for use as terminal and server interface
  • Bridge application for Fast Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)
  • Ethernet experience - design experience, measurement techniques and measurements, conformance statements - implementation of boards - IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX/FX, 1000BASE-ZX/LX/SX - IEEE 802.3ae, 10GBASE-LR/ER - experience with ICs from Infineon, Intel, Marvell, Realtek and Vitesse - Protocol Implementation Conformance Statements (PICS) - switch techniques, VLAN
  • SPI-Tracer (ISA PC plug-in card for logging of external data up to bit rates of 1 Mbit/s)
  • SNMP agent for monitoring multiple RS232/optical connectable devices with corresponding management interface
  • Design of optical interfaces for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI and Fiber Channel
  • Backplane buses H.110 and CellBus
  • Development of an EIB bus monitor as a handheld tool for electrical installers; in addition to the monitor function also with options for influencing and simulating actuators
Components for optical free space monitoring systems

Development of transmit/receive heads for the following transmission ranges:

  • 10 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • 10 Mbit/s transparent
  • 52 Mbit/s transparent
  • 155 Mbit/s transparent
  • 622 Mbit/s transparent with/without clock synchronisation
  • 1 Gbit/s transparent with/without clock synchronisation

Network-side equipment with optical and electrical interfaces Equipment with management functions incl..:

  • PC software for management
  • Remote maintenance
  • Statistical functions
  • SNMP management connection


  • Wavelength converter
  • E1 interface converter
Software projects
Teleconnect develops dedicated application software for PCs as well as control software and tools that support the operation of assemblies in development, test and at the user's site.

As part of an initiative by the Saxon state government for more high-speed Internet access in rural regions, a study was carried out to examine twelve villages in rural areas as examples. After recording the supply situation and demand, proposals were drawn up for each village as to how and with what technology the respective village could be connected to the data highway. The study was prepared by a project consortium consisting of TU Dresden, Tele-Kabel-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Chemnitz and Teleconnect GmbH.

The main tasks for the participation of Teleconnect GmbH were the network topology and technology analysis.