Teleconnect - Your external development resource

You know these situations:

  • You would have to start a new development, but the employees are still "struggling" with the previous project.
  • The development department is working, is well utilized, nothing is going on ... and suddenly there are problems in the running production or component discontinuations or a customer has special requests or ...
  • You want to start a new project, you are faced with new technical requirements, but you don't have the time to build up the know-how yourself - not to mention the costs.

Ask Teleconnect

  • Additional resources are available to you; you can outsource partial topics or entire projects to us. This frees up time for strategic developments and/or necessary maintenance activities.
  • Take advantage of our know-how. Upon completion of development, you receive the agreed documentation and, ultimately, a share of our knowledge.
  • Reduce the time and cost risk for your projects. We offer you defined services at agreed deadlines and a fixed price.


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