Overview books

xDSL Primer
The digital age of the local loop network began with ISDN. Improvements and new approaches, as well as marketing activities, repeatedly gave rise to new xDSL variants, so that the placeholder "x" has almost reached the limits of the alphabet. This book attempts to bring some clarity into the "xDSL letter jungle".
Pocketbook of telecommunications
This book explains the fundamentals and applications of telecommunications in a clear, well-structured and concise manner. Important sub-areas such as messages and signals, transmission and switching technology, telecommunications networks, ISDN, intelligent network, ATM, data communication, mobile radio, access technologies and others are clearly presented.
Access networks for telecommunications
The book presents all techniques and technologies of subscriber access networks and subjects them to an evaluative analysis regarding advantages and disadvantages for concrete application conditions. This includes both wireline (copper, coax, fiber optics, etc.) and wireless networks (wireless local loop, satellite radio, optical directional radio, cordless telephone systems, mobile radio).
  • Sächs-Tel e.V. 1998 and 2001
  • Technical Academy Esslingen 2001
  • Participation in community seminar 2006 "Copper or Glass
  • Participation club evening IfKom 2006
Cooperation in technical committees
  • Teleconnect is a member of the "Saxon Telecommunications Center e. V."
    at the Technical University of Dresden.
  • Since 2000, we are represented by Dr. Bluschke in the editorial advisory board of the technical journal NET.
  • Furthermore, Dr. Bluschke is involved in the VDE/ITG technical group 5.2.5.