Range of Services

Mission: We support product developers in the creation of innovative products and components for data communications or develop them on your behalf.

Development and product support

  • Task analysis, consulting for the definition of performance characteristics, development of functional specifications
  • Variant comparisons for the realization of assemblies and complete systems
  • Preparation of specifications for the development of hardware and software
  • Hardware development: circuit dimensioning and simulation
  • Software development: coding, testing and software integration
  • Circuit design: ASIC, FPGA, CPLD
  • Thermal simulation of complex assemblies
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Mechanical design
  • Construction of prototypes, commissioning, functional testing
  • Carrying out climate and EMC tests
  • System test, field testing
  • Preparation of required documentation
  • Production transition: test planning, test specification, test software, training of test personnel
  • Takeover of production control for small batches (a few 10 assemblies), execution of assembly and test work on electronic assemblies

Special examinations and expert opinions

  • Failure analysis of components and assemblies, if necessary development of alternative solutions
  • Preparation of expert opinions on the use of technologies, e.g. xDSL
We use modern communication tools such as Internet, Intranet, xDSL, ISDN, VPN, PGP and NAT for effective cooperation with our clients.
When carrying out projects, we offer you the possibility of integrating external design databases or component libraries.

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