In the past years, numerous user-specific circuits have been developed. Functionality of the hardware, available PCB space and last but not least the cost of assemblies are the driving factors. We continue this development and gladly accept new challenges.

The focus of our experience is on the products of Xilinx, Lattice and Altera.

For current designs we especially use the families Spartan-II(E), Spartan-3 as well as Virtex-E or Virtex-4 or Cyclone and Stratix.

The development is carried out with the latest software packages required for the realization of the design.

VHDL is the preferred design entry.

Simulations in all phases of the design are carried out with ModelSim tools.

In the design flow, both standardized and technology-specific IP cores are used to achieve maximum efficient and powerful FPGA solutions.

Of course we cover the complete development cycle:

  • Design Entry
  • Functional Verification
  • Design Synthesis
  • Design Implementation
  • Timing Verification
  • Device Programming
  • In-Circuit Verification

If our own resources cannot meet the requirements, we have a reliable partner:

  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen. Field Office for Automation of Circuit and System Design Dresden.