Digital treatment of ADHD in home use. Numerous studies have shown that digital home-based treatment of ADHD is effective in the short term, but also, and above all, in the long term after the end of therapy. Unfortunately, however, this approach has so far been far too technically complex to be effectively applied by the affected persons themselves or by the less intensively trained staff.
The project goal of NeFaH was the development of a new type of medical system for home use, which for the first time enables comprehensive care in structurally weak regions.
  • Flexible and individual therapy plan can be implemented
  • Effective, inexpensive, sustainable therapy with few side effects
  • High therapy compliance with ADHD in childhood and adulthood

We have developed a functional demonstrator of a neurofeedback device (NeFaH box for home use).


The aim of the POF-All project ("Paving the Optical Future with Affordable Lightning-fast Links") was to develop a transmission technology that makes it possible to transmit data rates of 100+ Mbit/s symmetrically over distances that allow telecommunications subscribers to be connected in buildings. By using plastic optical fiber (POF), this can be done at much lower cost than existing alternative solutions. Based on its own proposed solution, Teleconnect worked on the development of a hardware solution for transmit and receive modules. For more information, visit  The project is funded by the EU, FP6-IST STREP "POF-ALL", Contract No.: 027549

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System on Chip

As part of an application for the IP2 project, we worked on novel electronic design automation (EDA) methods and products for future generations of mobile communications systems. The content of our work included research into novel application-specific CAE methods, such as adapted intellectual property (IP x) principles and architecture-accurate prototyping, and their productive exploitation in the elaboration and optimization of novel configurable systems on chip (SoC). These are to be used in future Internet Protocol (IP)-based mobile networks ("The Internet goes mobile.").

Design flow manager for IP-based SoC designs

Together with the partner "Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Verkehrsinformationssysteme, Professur Informationstechnik für Verkehrssysteme" a system for the reuse of IP (Intelligent Properties) for System on Chip (SoC) designs was developed and prototypically realized. The system was realized after the establishment of appropriate concepts for the reuse of IP cores (Design by Reuse) and for the reusability of designs (Design for Reuse) on the basis of an SQL database and design flow tools integrated into a web interface. The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2000-2006 and by the Free State of Saxony.

SDL Toolsuite

Together with Zesium mobile GmbH, Teleconnect has developed a project for code generation from SDL charts. The tool suite includes a code generator that generates optimized C source code from SDL sources. This generator supports a subset of SDL - namely exactly the part needed to implement telecom charts. In this way, the code scope could be kept so lean that it can also be used for mobile communication devices. One conceivable application would be the implementation of the UMTS stack from SDL in C. A further component of the SDL suite is a test environment, with which a test of the code generated from SDL becomes directly possible. This tester was developed by Teleconnect and interprets test sequences created graphically in MSC. The necessary information for the definition of tests in MSC is prepared from the output of the code generator, so that process and signal names can be copied/pasted directly into MSC. The tester generates an interpreter code from the MSC source, which is used to directly control the application. Messages can be branched, inserted and displayed as a copy, breakpoints can be defined and fully automatic complete tests are also possible. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA) as part of the program "INNOvationskompetenz mittelständischer Unternehmen".