Our range of services includes the creation of circuit diagrams and parts lists, PCB design as well as data preparation for PCB manufacture and assembly production.

Benefit from our employees' many years of experience in designing highly complex assemblies. Multilayer, microvias, high-density PCBs, backplanes, the use of BGAs with more than 1000 pins, impedance-controlled and EMC-compliant design are more than "familiar matter" for us.

  • Design of complex PCB layouts
  • Creation of library elements (symbols, geometries, mappings)
  • Database connection
  • Creation of schematics and component lists, PCB design and generation of all data required for production and assembly
  • Compliance with DFM, DFA, DFT and the international IPC standards
  • Expert in all common technologies: Backplanes up to 36 layers, Multilayer 4-28 layers, Analog / Digital / High Frequency, HDI (High Density) boards, Backdrilling, Microvia / Blind / Buried Via, production optimized, HiSpeed, Hybrid, LTCC design, use of BGAs with more than 1,000 pins.
  • Impedance controlled and EMC compliant design
  • Calculation of layout geometries, single-ended and differential traces for the respective stackup using Polar
  • Results
    • PCB manufacturing: Gerber and NC drill files or ODB++, IPC-D-356 file for electrical test, drill drawing PDF file,
    • Assembly Manufacturing: BOM, Stensil Apertures for Solder Paste, Component Placement File, Assembly Drawing for top and bottom Layers, Schematic Files

Development Tools:

  • Mentor/Siemens Xpedition Enterprise VX x.x (plus: DxDesigner, Library Manager, Variant Manager)
  • CADENCE Allegro Release x
  • Altium Designer x.x
  • SPECCTRA Autorouter
  • CadSoft EAGLE
  • View Draw von View Logic

Based on the generated MENTOR data, a 3D representation of the assembled PCB is possible. For this purpose, we use the function of Solid Works, our tool for mechanical design.

Teleconnect GmbH is a member of the Fachverband Elektronikdesign und -fertigung e. V. (FED) for:

  • Industry networking
  • Exchange with experts
  • Use of the training offer 
  • Access to working groups and project groups
  • Discussion and further education in the regional group Dresden